from Ireland and North America

Enblom, Flowers, and Froehlich bring a unique combination of sounds with enchanting vocal harmonies in Irish-Gaelic and English; the gently powerful sounds of harp and flute; the driving ring of the fiddle; and the unparalleled rhythms, traditional and contemporary, from the step dancing. 
Hannah Flowers
Cory Froehlich
HARP I VOCALS      Having fallen in love with the harp as a small child, studied classical harp into her teens, and taking up Irish music from there, Hannah is quickly becomming one to watch in the world of Irish harp! In the last few years, Hannah has been back and forth between the States and Ireland, studying with masters such as Michelle Muclahy, Gráinne Hambly, and Elaine Hogan, and competing at the Fleadh Cheoil na Éireann. In 2016 Hannah was awarded a “Next Step Fund” Grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to study ancient Gaelic harp in Kilkenny, Ireland. Most recently, she received a “Gaeltacht Summer Award” from Fulbright Commission to study the Irish language for five weeks in Glencolumcille, Co. Donegal. A trained vocalist and traditional singer, her passion is using her harp playing to accompany herself while singing traditional songs in English and Irish. Hannah holds a BA in music.
FLUTE I WHISTLES I VOCALS      Cory was introduced to the silver (orchestral) flute as a child, and continued study through university. Love of the instrument enticed him to explore its use in traditional music. A very capable wooden flute player in the Irish tradition, Cory’s study of both flutes allows him to explore a wide range of genres. He specializes in the adaptation of wooden flute techniques to the Boehm instrument. Cory also has a BA in Classical Vocal Performance.
Danielle Enblom

FIDDLE I STEP DANCE      As a dancer, musician, and dance historian Danielle has studied movement forms from around the world. These days her focus and expertise largely revolves around traditional forms of percussive step dancing. Danielle was introduced to Irish music and dance at a young age, and found that the Irish traditions were closely related to the music and dance of her French Canadian heritage. Growing up, Danielle focused on competitive Irish step dancing, and learned to play Irish music in the local Irish sessions. During the last decade, Danielle has studied music and dance in Ireland, earning a Diploma in Traditional Irish Music from University College Cork, and a fellowship to complete a Masters by Research and Thesis in Ethnochoreology (dance history) from IT Tralee in County Kerry. 
Tunes and songs from Ireland, Quebec, and Appalachia, plus traditional rhythms in the form of step dancing of the regions.